Chimney Cleaning & Repair Services

Chimney Sweeping & Inspections

The Chimney Sweeping Institute of America CSIA Certification is a credential we maintain. You have the peace of mind that your system is cleaned and inspected by someone who has the proper training and knowledge to identify and communicate the condition of your chimney system. We have interior chimney flue video scanning capabilities, typically performed during level two inspections. The National Fire Protection Association Code 211 identifies three levels of inspections. See our FAQ page for more details on Chimney Sweeping and Inspections.

Chimney Flashing Repairs

We install chimney flashings that SOLVE water leak problems. A water leak can be from old installations, tar that is no longer effective, poor construction design, or a new leak after a recently installed roof. Our chimney flashings are metal and custom bent on the job. They are effective in solving your water leak problem and look great!

Chimney Flashing & Counter Flashing:

Customer had a chimney leak and several unsuccessful attempts to repair the leak. The following photos show our effective correction. We also installed a new cement cap.

Chimney Cricket:

An incorrect or missing cricket on larger chimneys are often sources of water leaks.

Chimney Flue Relining Systems

Relining your chimney flue can be the solution for an existing clay tile flue that has cracks, holes, or missing pieces; correction of a non‑compliant chimney; incorrect sizing of existing flue liner; or to offer more efficiency for your system. We install stainless steel liner systems for solid fuel or oil. Aluminum lining systems are available for gas.

Rain / Bird Tops

Tops are also referred to as caps or spark arrestors. To protect your home from birds, animals, water, downdrafts, and debris, be sure your chimney flue has a cap/top. It can be basic and functional, or the perfect accessory to set off your chimney and home.


Replace your broken or inefficient fireplace damper. A new damper will be easy to use, properly seal the chimney when closed, eliminating heat and air conditioning loss; and seal out animals, birds, and insects. We can help by installing a new damper system for you.


Do you have a deteriorating masonry chimney that is only venting gas? A metal B-vent may be the solution for you.

The first photos show a B-Vent to replace deteriorated masonry chimney venting only gas. The next set of photos show a B-Vent to replace an old metal chimney with painted brick.

Deteriorated Masonry Chimney Replaced with B-Vent:

Photos show a B-Vent to replace deteriorated masonry chimney venting only gas.

Old Metal Chimney with Painted Brick Replaced with B-Vent:

Old Chimney Replaced with B-Vent:

Chase Covers

Metal chase covers are found on non-masonry chimneys. Is your chase cover rusty or source of a water leak? We can install a new metal chase cover custom fit for your chimney.

Cement Cap / Chimney Crown

Over time, cement chimney caps can develop cracks and holes – a possible water leak source. For minor cracks, we can correct with installing a specialized product. For more significant cracks we remove the existing chimney cap and install either a precast cement cap or sill stone and pour a new cement cap.

Cement Cap:

Minor Crack(s) in Cement Cap:

We installed a specialized product to repair the minor crack(s).

Significant Chimney Crack in Crown:

Poured a new cement cap.


  • Tuck Pointing: When your masonry has deterioration in the mortar joints, the remedy may be filling the holes and loose mortar with new mortar.
  • Chimney Rebuilds: We rebuild chimneys using brick or block.
  • Re-facing chimneys and fireplaces with brick, manufactured stone, and real stone.
  • Installing protective walls for wood stoves.
  • Other masonry repairs and new installations.

Chimney Rebuild:

Repair after storm damage to masonry chimney.

Chimney Rebuild:

Problem was a deteriorating masonry chimney. We rebuilt with installation of new top termination, including new cement cap and rain/bird top and top plate.

Cracked Chimney Block:

Problem was cracked chimney block. We removed existing chimney, re-built with chimney block, installed manufactured stone, and cement cap. We also installed a new chimney lining system, including spark arrestor cap, to vent wood appliance.

Fireplace Surround:

Customer was looking for new look for fireplace surround so we remove wood and installed manufactured stone and sill stone mantel.

Wood Stove / Fireplace Insert / Fireplace Installation

Whether you are looking to update an outdated system or add a new appliance, we can help you. Since we have serviced every kind of system, we can discuss the best option for you.


Owner had inefficient older pre-fabricated fireplace. We replaced with new fireplace and new manufactured stone surround.

Fireplace Insert:

Owner had inefficient masonry fireplace and flue that also needed repairs. Owner chose to install a new fireplace insert rather than invest in restoration, plus the insert produces more heat and uses less wood.

Free Standing Wood Stove and Manufactured Stone Protective Wall:

New Installation.

Fireplace Replaced with Fireplace Insert:

Fireplace Insert:

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